Glass Hours

What does it mean to forget? What makes the future feel urgent? Is memory a form of art?

Can Art Change Lives?

As an artist, what does it means to make a difference, to know that our work makes the world better?

I Do Not Walk In a Dream

Is your life a work of art?

Who Are You Are?

Are you your grandest experiment?

Visions of the Future

Writing stories and exploring solutions to our world’s challenges, with pictograms, words, and math.

Micro-Fiction Game

In Micro-Fiction Game, the floor of the Brooklyn Museum’s Beaux Arts Court was turned into an interactive installation.

Bending the Universe

Bending the Universe is an installation that maps a timeline of the Universe.


Before an installation came a design. When does the artwork begin and end?

Random Fortune Generators

Is fate real, or a creative, artistic act orchestrated by our perception?

Fate Tells Your Fiction

Utopia is a space; it is an ideal design of nature.