Can Art Change Lives?

As an artist, what does it means to make a difference, to know that our work makes the world better?

I Do Not Walk In a Dream

Is your life a work of art?

Visions of the Future

Writing stories and exploring solutions to our world’s challenges, with pictograms, words, and math.

Micro-Fiction Game

In Micro-Fiction Game, the floor of the Brooklyn Museum’s Beaux Arts Court was turned into an interactive installation.

Bending the Universe

Bending the Universe is an installation that maps a timeline of the Universe.


Before an installation comes a design and planning map. When does the artwork begin and end?

Random Fortune Generators

Is fate real, or a creative, artistic act orchestrated by our perception?

Fate Tells Your Fiction

Utopia is a space; it is an ideal design of nature.

Can Dialogue Be Designed?

Are conversations more moving when they are subject to the rules of meaningful design?

Play in the Dark

This never-played game involved home-made lights, used to create constellations mapped to the night sky.