Bending the Universe

Bending the Universe is an installation that maps a timeline of the Universe.

What it Meant

Commissioned by the Queens Council on the Arts, this installation on a rooftop farm in Queens moved through phases of Universe creation, from the Big Bang, to the unknown end, with forms of matter defined by a visual lexicon. As players journeyed through time, they were asked to participate in an alternative timeline of the Universe, reflecting on their own lives in the grand scale of matter. Bending the Universe seeks to quantify the impact of art, while creating a new form of art, a horoscope system based on patterns in the Universe.

How It Worked

Players first selected a ‘game piece’ with a word written on it. They added their game piece to the installation wherever they choose. Their choice determined the creative exercise they were asked to complete, in a moment in time. After completion, they received a ‘horoscope’ based on a fortune-telling system I have designed.  The horoscope, often eerily prophetic, determined their next steps in the game, which offered the opportunity for participants to make a decision in their real lives. Click here for a video walking through the each step.

Design Prototype

Installation at the Brooklyn Grange


See the complete album by clicking below.

Bending the Universe, By Anjali Deshmukh

Written by anjalisdeshmukh

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