Make Your Self Meek / Make Your Self Vast was a collaboration between me and the amazing Purvi Shah, shown at the LMCC Workspace Open Studios in April 2017. It surfaced how our bodies express our feelings; how our states of mind-soul show up in our bodies; and how the bridges between body and mind-soul affect how we engage and see the world. 

Participants were invited to embody and express the phrase Make Your Self Meek and reflect on how the words and their expression of them shaped their consciousness. They then expressed Make Your Self Vast in a similar way, reflecting on how sensations and thoughts shifted with their bodies. Participants took their shoes off, touching the space, sitting with us, moving, and writing about their state of mind. As they walked this short journey, we heard reflections on the role of gender and race in how we express ourselves and where we carry our tensions, and unspoken stories in deep breaths, released energy, and rest.