Circlefor is a new home for collaboration between me and the brilliant and wondrous poet, Purvi Shah. Our purpose is to foster space where art emerges through connection, participation, and listening. Our Etsy shop is a home for affordable, community engaged artwork, featuring digital drawings and poetry inspired by vital community stories.

Learn more at our shared project site,

Make Justice Normal

Grateful to be a co-founder of Make Justice Normal, a growing collective fiscally sponsored by Moore Impact. Our mission is to foster just relationships and collective action among people working to make justice normal. We started MJN to open space for people working to move capital— a proxy for structural power—towards justice. 

To foster relationships, we’re building processes of decision-making that reflect our values and a collective approach. To support collective action, MJN shares of our collective time and/or resources to develop or host projects by collective members. These projects may seem unrelated, and may become independent entities.