In this card game, within the visual installation at Propelify Innovation Festival called “I Do Not Walk In a Dream,” participants interacted with a deck of cards and a card dealer to illuminate the core characteristics of their personality and ways of engaging with the world. Written and developed by me, these cards break down 26 personality types, which can combine in different ways to cumulatively illuminate to us who we are, are not, and who we might want to be.

  • Pick a card. Think about how the card is different from or similar to who you are. If it’s a lot like you, what would you amplify? Do you notice areas of resistance in this way of being? If so, how do you or can you work with this resistance? If the card is not a lot like you, what do you admire about this way of being?
  • Set an intention for the day. How might you lean in to this way of being, as a performance or act of Self-artistry?